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Our Brands

The Wild Bird Logo

Our complete range of wild bird feed providing a range of seed blends, straights, insect and suet products. A high quality range of foods to cater for all garden bird feeders. The ingredients in our products are fully traceable from source and our Suet products contain only Human Grade Beef Tallow.

Suet Shop Logo

Presenting our one stop Suet Shop – we are able to fulfill all requirements for high energy Premium Suet products for the Wild Bird market. Our Suet Shop brand is unique and vibrant and most importantly, the product inside the packaging does not falter on quality. Our products are loved by garden birds and when fed, the results speak for themselves.

Little Bird House Logo

Coming soon

Challenge Dog Food Logo

Our trusted Challenge Dog Food brand has been designed to help keep dogs in optimum condition and health. With formulations offering up to 65% total meat or fish content, single species protein recipes, with no added grains and using the finest freshly prepared animal proteins.

Harvest logo

One stop shop for all things Wild Bird!

UK manufacturers of Wild Bird food including Suet, Seed mixes, Straights and Treats. With over 25 years industry experience and BRC accreditation we are at the forefront of the Wild Bird Market. Offering a range of products to suit all budgets across all Product categories.